Kabru is the first outdoor brand that is inspired by the fierce and unforgiving Himalayan region between Nepal and India. Known to have a thirst for death, most who've survived Kabru's force will speak stories of its undeniable beauty. 

Kabru was inspired by one of the toughest mountains to climb, representing a challenge to the human spirit. Forged out of the Maine wilderness to the coastal dream town of Santa Cruz, California, Kabru is a brand for the adventurer and thrill-seeker at all levels. You don't have to be a rock climber or ascend to unrivaled heights to find passion in the outdoors. Instead, find your place, create your adventure, and write your own story. 

How we source our products

Our goal has been to produce as many items as possible in the USA. Our t shirts and hoodies are made and printed in the USA. However, we support entrepreneurs and small brands around the world while consistently delivering the most pleasant and exciting customer experience. Together, we are building a clothing eco-system of designers, custom clothiers and brand champions that support better wages, small businesses, environmental awareness and of course, really good fashion and gear.

Every day, we work closely with small suppliers and boutique manufacturers to bring you a new look that is ahead of the trends, while being dependable and innovative. Like you, our family of customers has a strong passion for seeing the world with functionality and style, without ever compromising comfort and value.

What makes our company different?

As consumers, we all want more than just a good price. We want a great community experience and a commitment to outstanding customer service and quality. The Kabru brand is synonymous with community, and you're invited to be part of what makes us different.

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