The Intro

My name is Rami. I'm the co-founder of kabru, and an avid nature goer, just like you. While Kabru is my ultimate joy, I'm one of those people who just can't seem to focus on just a single sport or passion. I just love the idea of hiking, nature photography, backpacking, skiing, climbing, camping and well, just about anything that elevates the human spirit.

The reality is, however, I haven't done everything I truly would like to accomplish, but as with many of you, I hope to experience life's most profound moments while strong and healthy. 

In this series, I and other outdoor sports contributors will share real-life experiences as they happen and what adventures are yet to come. You'll see and hear interviews with some remarkable adventurists, and of course, great adventure clothing and gear that can be enjoyed outdoors, or just around town. 

Our mission at Kabru is to enrich your life, period.

How can you be part of the kabru community?

Join us on Instagram for video and photo updates along the way. Get involved, share your comments and personal experiences, and help us get the word out so more and more people can take their own passions out into the world. 

Let's #ExploreBeyond, together. 🌍


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